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Not all penetration tests are equal; our proven 4-step process makes it easy and hassle-free.

We follow a proven 4-step testing process to quickly and painlessly move from risk and uncertainty to discovery, remediation, and peace of mind. 


It's "you'll never go back" better with our no risk, value guarantee offer.

In addition to our streamlined and hassle free product we offer a value guarantee. If we don't find at least one high-severity security bug in your system, then your test is free. 

Seamless Planning & Kickoff

Seamless Planning & Kickoff

We've replaced the slow, manual, and time-consuming scoping steps with an easy and efficient questionnaire, kickoff call, and real-time dashboard that saves time, effort, and budget.

Testing & Remediation

Testing & Remediation

Our certified testers provide findings, evidence, and remediations in real-time throughout the penetration test, giving you the maximum time available to resolve findings.

Actionable Reporting

Actionable Reporting

We take the technical real-time results to the next level by framing them within the business context to make them meaningful and actionable for the business stakeholders to drive change.

Retesting & Verification

Retesting & Verification

While listed as the final step, testing is an iterative and ongoing process from the very start in order to minimize the testing window and help drive down the time needed to respond.


Sample Pentest Report

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What our customers say

With the help of SimplyCubed, we've been able to launch a best-in-class payment solution on top of Google Cloud's infrastructure, meeting strict industry and regulatory requirements on security and stability, and do so within weeks rather than months.

Engaging SimplyCubed as a 3rd party allowed us to independently review and fix security flaws in the design of our product that had been overlooked by our developers. As a result, we have a more robust product that allows us to confidently state that it is the most secure product in our marketspace. With solid Fintech experience, SimplyCubed understands our client base and has geared their solution accordingly.

We engaged SimplyCubed to assess our product FileEazy for security vulnerabilities. Since FileEazy stores and manages our customers' valuable and confidential documents and other data, it was important for us to make sure that the product and the website are well protected and fix any security flaws. SimplyCubed and its team did a great job of reviewing the security vulnerabilities and threat management that helped make FileEazy the best-in-class document management software.


Align security testing with business priorities


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Launching a new SaaS product within the Fintech market with high-security requirements driven by regulations and customer demands.


Provided an end-to-end security review that identified gaps during development followed by a full-scope penetration test to ensure the security of our system and customer data.


Reduced risk and increased confidence in the security of the system and customer data.


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Set the foundation with all your team needs for basic data integrations.

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  • Checkmark 24/7 online support
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  • Checkmark 24/7 online support
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Need clarification?

What is your no-risk, value guarantee?

We guarantee that we will find at least one high-severity (CVSS Score) bug in your system, or the test is free. We are confident in our ability to add value and are willing to take the risk. 

What products and services do you offer?

We provide high-quality penetration testing for web applications specializing in cloud-hosted Kubernetes platforms.

Do you offer development services?

As part of our penetration testing packages, we provide mitigation steps and recommendations. As part of this, we provide references and can answer specific questions however we do not provide development services.

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